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County Matter

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Ripple ( Malvern Hills District )

County Electoral Division:

Croome (Malvern Hills)

Main Location:

Ripple East, Bow Lane, Ripple, Worcestershire, GL206EY


Proposed extraction of sand and gravel with restoration to agriculture and natur

Full Description:

Proposed extraction of sand and gravel with restoration to agriculture and natur


Under Consideration

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This application is being considered.

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CEMEX House 

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Evreux Way, Rugby, CV21 2DT 

Case Officer:

Ms Joanne O'Brien 

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Carter Jonas 

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Regus House, Falcon Drive, Cardiff, CF10 4RU 

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A decision has not yet been made on this application

Associated Media

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01 Planning Application Cover Letter 01_Planning_Application_Cover_Letter.pdf
02 Planning Application Validation Checklist 02_Planning_Application_Validation_Checklist.pdf
03 Amended Vol 1 App 1 Planning Application Form_Redacted 03_Amended_Vol_1_App_1_Planning_Application_Form_Redacted.pdf
04 Amended Vol 1 Planning Statement_Redacted 04_Amended_Vol_1_Planning_Statement_Redacted.pdf
05 Vol 1.App 2.ref 21.11.P2RIPLEAST.1 Location Plan 05_Vol_1.App_2.ref_21.11.P2RIPLEAST.1_Location_Plan.pdf
06 Vol 1.App 2.ref 21.11.P2.RIPL.EAST.3 Proposed Site Plan 06_Vol_1.App_2.ref_21.11.P2.RIPL.EAST.3_Proposed_Site_Plan.pdf
07 Vol 1.App 2.ref 21.11.P2.RIPL.EAST.4 Phasing 07_Vol_1.App_2.ref_21.11.P2.RIPL.EAST.4_Phasing.pdf
08 Vol 1.App2.ref 20.10.RIPPLE.P2.RES DETL Restoration Plan 08_Vol_1.App2.ref_20.10.RIPPLE.P2.RES_DETL_Restoration_Plan.pdf
09 Vol.1.App.2.ref 20.10.RIPPLE.P2.RES SOIL Soil Depths 09_Vol.1.App.2.ref_20.10.RIPPLE.P2.RES_SOIL_Soil_Depths.pdf
10 Vol 1.App 3.ref 21.11.P2.RIPL.EAST.2 Existing Site Plan 10_Vol_1.App_3.ref_21.11.P2.RIPL.EAST.2_Existing_Site_Plan.pdf
11 Vol 1.App 3.ref 21.12.P2.RIPL.EAST.5A Location Context Plan 11_Vol_1.App_3.ref_21.12.P2.RIPL.EAST.5A_Location_Context_Plan.pdf
12 Vol 1.App 4.Outline Restoration & Aftercare Scheme with Appendices 12_Vol_1.App_4.Outline_Restoration_&_Aftercare_Scheme_with_Appendices.pdf
13 Vol 1.App 5.Geotech Assessment 13_Vol_1.App_5.Geotech_Assessment.pdf
14 Vol 1. App 6. Habitats Regulations Assessment 14_Vol_1._App_6._Habitats_Regulations_Assessment.pdf
15 Vol.1.0.Appendix 7.0.Arboricultural Impact Assessment & Method Statement 15_Vol.1.0.Appendix_7.0.Arboricultural_Impact_Assessment_&_Method_Statement.pdf
16 Vol2.ES Chp 1.Introduction 16_Vol2.ES_Chp_1.Introduction.pdf
17 Amended Vol 2.ES Chp 2.Proposed Devt & Alternatives 17_Amended_Vol_2.ES_Chp_2.Proposed_Devt_&_Alternatives.pdf
18 Vol 2.ES Chp3. Sustainability and Climate Change 18_Vol_2.ES_Chp3._Sustainability_and_Climate_Change.pdf
19 Vol.2.ES Chp 4.Transport 19_Vol.2.ES_Chp_4.Transport.pdf
20 Chp 4.Appendix 4.Routeing Plan BTP.2010.01.RevA 20_Chp_4.Appendix_4.Routeing_Plan_BTP.2010.01.RevA.pdf
21 Vol 2.ES Chp. 5.Hydro.Flood Risk.Geology 21_Vol_2.ES_Chp._5.Hydro.Flood_Risk.Geology.pdf
22 Vol 2.0. ES Chp 6 Ecology_Redacted 22_Vol_2.0._ES_Chp_6_Ecology_Redacted.pdf
23 Vol 2.ES Chp 7.Landscape & Visual Impact 23_Vol_2.ES_Chp_7.Landscape_&_Visual_Impact.pdf
24 Vol 2 ES. Chp 8. Archaeology & Cultural Heritage 24_Vol_2_ES._Chp_8._Archaeology_&_Cultural_Heritage.pdf
25 Vol 2.ES Chp. 9.Noise 25_Vol_2.ES_Chp._9.Noise.pdf
26 Vol 2.ES Chp.10.Dust & Air Quality 26_Vol_2.ES_Chp.10.Dust_&_Air_Quality.pdf
27 Vol 2.ES Chp 11.App 11.0.ALC & Soils Report with Figs.R14.1 & R14.2 27_Vol_2.ES_Chp_11.App_11.0.ALC_&_Soils_Report_with_Figs.R14.1_&_R14.2.pdf
28 Vol 2.ES Chp 12.Health Related Impacts 28_Vol_2.ES_Chp_12.Health_Related_Impacts.pdf
29 Vol 2. ES Chp 13. Conclusions 29_Vol_2._ES_Chp_13._Conclusions.pdf
30 Vol 2.ES Glossary 30_Vol_2.ES_Glossary.pdf
31 Vol 2.ES Appendices.App 1. Planning Policy 31_Vol_2.ES_Appendices.App_1._Planning_Policy.pdf
32 Vol 2.ES Chp 5.Appendix 5.1.Site visit photos 32_Vol_2.ES_Chp_5.Appendix_5.1.Site_visit_photos.pdf
33 Vol 2.ES Chp 5.Appendix 5.2.Borehole Logs 33_Vol_2.ES_Chp_5.Appendix_5.2.Borehole_Logs.pdf
34 Vol 2.0 ES Appendices.App.5.3.Flood Risk Assessment 34_Vol_2.0_ES_Appendices.App.5.3.Flood_Risk_Assessment.pdf
35 Vol 2.Chp 5.App 5.3 FRA.Apps A to C combined 35_Vol_2.Chp_5.App_5.3_FRA.Apps_A_to_C_combined.pdf
36 Vol 2.ES Chp 5.App 5.4.Dewatering Assessment 36_Vol_2.ES_Chp_5.App_5.4.Dewatering_Assessment.pdf
37 Vol 2.ES Chp 6.App 6.1.Prelim Ecological Appraisal_Redacted 37_Vol_2.ES_Chp_6.App_6.1.Prelim_Ecological_Appraisal_Redacted.pdf
38 Vol 2.ES Chp 6.App 6.2.Ecological Impact Assess_Redacted 38_Vol_2.ES_Chp_6.App_6.2.Ecological_Impact_Assess_Redacted.pdf
39 Vol 2.ES Chp 6.App 6.3.Brief Himalayan Balsam Report 39_Vol_2.ES_Chp_6.App_6.3.Brief_Himalayan_Balsam_Report.pdf
40 Vol 2.ES Chp 7.Appendix 7.1.LVIA Methodology 40_Vol_2.ES_Chp_7.Appendix_7.1.LVIA_Methodology.pdf
41 Vol 2.ES Chp 7.App 7.2 Viewpoints.Fig.L1.Location Plan 41_Vol_2.ES_Chp_7.App_7.2_Viewpoints.Fig.L1.Location_Plan.pdf
42 Vol 2.ES Chp 7.App 7.2.Viewpoints.Fig.L2.Viewpoint 1 42_Vol_2.ES_Chp_7.App_7.2.Viewpoints.Fig.L2.Viewpoint_1.pdf
43 Vol 2.ES Chp 7.App 7.2.Viewpoints.Fig.L3.Viewpoint 2 43_Vol_2.ES_Chp_7.App_7.2.Viewpoints.Fig.L3.Viewpoint_2.pdf
44 Vol 2.ES Chp 7.App 7.2.Viewpoints.Fig.L4.Viewpoint 3 44_Vol_2.ES_Chp_7.App_7.2.Viewpoints.Fig.L4.Viewpoint_3.pdf
45 Vol 2.ES Chp 7.App 7.2.Viewpoints.Fig.L5.Viewpoint 4 45_Vol_2.ES_Chp_7.App_7.2.Viewpoints.Fig.L5.Viewpoint_4.pdf
46 Vol 2.ES Chp 7.App 7.2.Viewpoints.Fig.L6.Viewpoint 5 46_Vol_2.ES_Chp_7.App_7.2.Viewpoints.Fig.L6.Viewpoint_5.pdf
47 Vol 2.ES Chp 7.App 7.2.Viewpoints.Fig.L7.Viewpoint 6 47_Vol_2.ES_Chp_7.App_7.2.Viewpoints.Fig.L7.Viewpoint_6.pdf
48 Vol 2.ES Chp 7.App 7.2.Viewpoints.Fig.L8.Viewpoint 7 48_Vol_2.ES_Chp_7.App_7.2.Viewpoints.Fig.L8.Viewpoint_7.pdf
49 Vol 2.ES Chp 7.App 7.2.Viewpoints.Fig.L9.Viewpoint 8 49_Vol_2.ES_Chp_7.App_7.2.Viewpoints.Fig.L9.Viewpoint_8.pdf
50 Vol 2.ES Chp 8.App 8.1.Historic Env DBA 50_Vol_2.ES_Chp_8.App_8.1.Historic_Env_DBA.pdf
51 Vol 2.ES Chp 8.0.App 8.2.Geophysical Report 51_Vol_2.ES_Chp_8.0.App_8.2.Geophysical_Report.pdf
52 Vol 2.ES Chp 8.App 8.3.Archaeological Strategy 52_Vol_2.ES_Chp_8.App_8.3.Archaeological_Strategy.pdf
53 Vol 2.ES Chp 8.App 8.4.Written Scheme of Investigation 53_Vol_2.ES_Chp_8.App_8.4.Written_Scheme_of_Investigation.pdf
54 Vol 2.0.ES Chp. 9.Appendices 9.1 & 9.2.Noise Monitoring & Contour Plots 54_Vol_2.0.ES_Chp._9.Appendices_9.1_&_9.2.Noise_Monitoring_&_Contour_Plots.pdf
55 Vol 2.ES Chp 10.App 10.Fig 1 Dust Assess Study Area & Receptors 55_Vol_2.ES_Chp_10.App_10.Fig_1_Dust_Assess_Study_Area_&_Receptors.pdf
56 Vol. 2.ES Chp.11.ALC and Soils 56_Vol._2.ES_Chp.11.ALC_and_Soils.pdf
57 Vol 2.ES Chp12.Apps 12.1 & 12.2 Health Impact Assess Screening & Template 57_Vol_2.ES_Chp12.Apps_12.1_&_12.2_Health_Impact_Assess_Screening_&_Template.pdf
58 Vol 3 ES Non-Technical Summary 58_Vol_3_ES_Non-Technical_Summary.pdf
59 CEMEX Ripple East.Gloucs Citizen and Echo.Press Notice 59_CEMEX_Ripple_East.Gloucs_Citizen_and_Echo.Press_Notice.pdf
60 CEMEX Ripple East.Malvern Gazette.Press Notice 60_CEMEX_Ripple_East.Malvern_Gazette.Press_Notice.pdf
61 Public Notice - Dated 14 April 2022 61_Public_Notice_-_Dated_14_April_2022.pdf
62 2020.05.14 Updated Guidance Notes v2 62_2020.05.14_Updated_Guidance_Notes_v2.pdf
63 2022.04.19 County Public Health 63_2022.04.19_County_Public_Health.pdf
64 2022.04.19 Cotswold AONB 64_2022.04.19_Cotswold_AONB.pdf
65 2022.04.14 Zayo Diversions 65_2022.04.14_Zayo_Diversions.pdf
66 2022.04.14 Historic England 66_2022.04.14_Historic_England.pdf
67 2022.04.14 Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service 67_2022.04.14_Hereford_&_Worcester_Fire_and_Rescue_Service.pdf
68 2022.04.14 DIO 68_2022.04.14_DIO.pdf
69 2022.04.14 Councillor Allen 69_2022.04.14_Councillor_Allen.pdf
70 2022.04.13 County Minerals & Waste 70_2022.04.13_County_Minerals_&_Waste.pdf
71 2022.04.06 Cadent Gas.pdf 71_2022.04.06_Cadent_Gas.pdf
72 2022.04.06 LSBUD-220406-25265870.PDF 72_2022.04.06_LSBUD-220406-25265870.PDF
73 2022.04.06 Wales & West Utilities-Plant Enquiry Ref Job No 25265870.pdf 73_2022.04.06_Wales_&_West_Utilities_-_Plant_Enquiry_Ref_Job_No__25265870.pdf
74 2022.04.06 Western Power - Plant Enquiry Ref Job No 25265870.pdf 74_2022.04.06_Western_Power__-_Plant_Enquiry_Ref_Job_No__25265870.pdf
77 2022.04.19 SWLDP Comments.pdf 77_2022.04.19_SWLDP_Comments.pdf
78 2022.04.22 Wales and West Utilities email.pdf 78_2022.04.22_Wales_and_West_Utilities_email.pdf
79_2022.04.22 Wales and West Utilities letter attachment.pdf 79_2022.04.22_Wales_and_West_Utilities_letter_attachment.pdf
80_2022.04.28_West_Mercia_Police.pdf 80_2022.04.28_West_Mercia_Police.pdf
81_2022.05.03_Canal_&_River_Trust.pdf 81_2022.05.03_Canal_&_River_Trust.pdf
82_2022.05.04_WRS_Noise_&_Dust.pdf 82_2022.05.04_WRS_Noise_&_Dust.pdf
83_2022.04.30_Forestry_Commission_-_Standing_Advice.pdf 83_2022.04.30_Forestry_Commission_-_Standing_Advice.pdf
84_2022.05.05_Tewkesbury_Town_Council.pdf 84_2022.05.05_Tewkesbury_Town_Council.pdf
85 2022.05.09 County Archaeology.pdf 85 2022.05.09 County Archaeology.pdf
86 2022.05.16 Ripple Parish Council Comments.pdf 86 2022.05.16 Ripple Parish Council Comments.pdf
87_2022.05.17 Gloucestershire County Council Archaeology.pdf 87_2022.05.17_Gloucestershire_County_Council_Archaeology.pdf
88 2022.05.19 WRS Contaminated Land 88_2022.05.19_WRS_Contaminated_Land.pdf
89 2022.05.19 Worcestershire Wildlife Trust 89_2022.05.19_Worcestershire_Wildlife_Trust.pdf
90 2022.05.18 District Councillor Owenson re objection 90_2022.05.18_District_Councillor_Owenson_re_objection.pdf
91 2022.05.18 District Councillor Owenson re additional objection 91_2022.05.18_District_Councillor_Owenson_re_additional_objection.pdf
92 2022.04.19 Public Health Practitioner 92_2022.04.19_Public_Health_Practitioner.pdf
93 2022.04.22 Wychavon Ack Letter 93_2022.04.22_Wychavon_Ack_Letter.pdf
94 2022.05.23 EA Comments 94_2022.05.23_EA_Comments.pdf
95 2022.05.23 Severn Trent Comments 95_2022.05.23_Severn_Trent_Comments.pdf
96 2022.05.23 Worcestershire County Landscape Comments 96_2022.05.23_Worcestershire_County_Landscape_Comments.pdf
97 2022.05.24 Council for British Archaeology 97_2022.05.24_Council_for_British_Archaeology.pdf
98 2022.05.26 Gloucestershire County Council Mineral & Waste Policy Comments 98_2022.05.26_Gloucestershire_County_Council_Mineral_&_Waste_Policy_Comments.pdf
99 2022.05.30 Bromsgrove District Council Conservation Officer Comments 99_2022.05.30_Bromsgrove_District_Council_Conservation_Officer_Comments.pdf
_100 2022.05.30 County Ecology Comments _100_2022.05.30_County_Ecology_Comments.pdf
_101 2022.05.30 Earth Heritage Trust Comments _101_2022.05.30_Earth_Heritage_Trust_Comments.pdf
_102 2022.05.30 Local Lead Flood Authority Comments _102_2022.05.30_Local_Lead_Flood_Authority_Comments.pdf
_103 2022.05.24 Gloucestershire County Council Sustainable Drainage Engineer Comments _103_2022.05.24_Gloucestershire_County_Council_Sustainable_Drainage_Engineer_Comments.pdf
_104 2022.05.30 Council Ecologist Comments 1 _104_2022.05.30_Council_Ecologist_Comments_1.pdf
_105 2022.06.06 Worcestershire County Highways Comments 1 _105_2022.06.06_Worcestershire_County_Highways_Comments_1.pdf
_106 2022.06.08 Gloucestershire County Council Minerals & Waste Comments _106_2022.06.08_Gloucestershire_County_Council_Minerals_&_Waste_Comments.pdf

Appeal Details

There are no appeal details for this application


Name Type Address Last Letter Date Target Response Date
Sir/Madam Cadent Gas Consultee Plant Protection, Cadent, Block 1, Floor 1,, Brick Kiln Street, Hinckley, LE10 0NA
Sir/Madam Campaign to Protect Rural England Consultee Campaign to Protect Rural England
Sir/Madam Canal and River Trust Consultee Canal and River Trust
Sir/Madam Cotswold AONB Conservation Board Consultee Cotswold AONB Conservation Board
Sir/Madam Defence Infrastructure Organisation Consultee Defence Infrastructure Organisation
Sir/Madam Dial before you dig (BT) Consultee Dial before you dig (BT)
Sir/Madam Earth Heritage Trust Consultee Earth Heritage Trust
Sir/Madam Environment Agency Consultee Environment Agency
Sir/Madam Forestry Commission Consultee Forestry Commission
Sir/Madam Hereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue Consultee Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service
Sir/Madam Historic England Consultee Historic England
Sir/Madam Public Health England (PHE) Consultee
Sir/Madam Natural England Consultee Natural England
Sir/Madam Open Space Society Consultee Open Space Society
Sir/Madam Planning Casework Unit Consultee
Sir/Madam Planning Development Management Consultee Malvern Hills District Council, Malvern Hills District Council, The Council House, Avenue Road, MALVERN, WR143AF
Sir/Madam Severn Trent Water Limited Consultee Severn Trent Water Limited
Sir/Madam The Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) Consultee The Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA)
Sir/Madam Wales and West Utilities Consultee Wales and West Utilities
Sir/Madam Western Power Distribution Consultee Western Power Distribution
Sir/Madam Worcestershire Regulatory Services Consultee Wyre Forest District Council, Wyre Forest House, Finepoint Way, KIDDERMINSTER, DY117WF
Sir/Madam Zayo Group Consultee Zayo Group
Mr Adam Mindykowski County Landscape Officer Consultee Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology, The Hive, Sawmill Walk, The Butts, WORCESTER, WR13PD
Mr Aidan Smyth District Archaeology Consultee Malvern Hills District Council, Malvern Hills District Council, The Council House, Avenue Road, MALVERN, WR143AF
Mr Andrew Fell South Worcs Land Drainage Partnership Consultee Wychavon District Council, The Civic Centre, Queen Elizabeth Drive, PERSHORE, WR101PT
Mr Bob Hughes South Worcs Land Drainage Partnership Consultee Malvern Hills District Council, Malvern Hills District Council, The Council House, Avenue Road, MALVERN, WR143AF
Ms Catherine Bell Council for British Archaeology Consultee
Mr Cody Levine - County Ecology Consultee Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Ms Deborah Tillsley / Mr Matthew Fung County Public Health Consultee Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Mrs Elizabeth Alston / Mrs Heather Dawes County Sustainability Team Consultee Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Ms Emma Hancox County Archaeology Consultee Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology, The Hive, Sawmill Walk, The Butts, WORCESTER, WR13PD
Mr Gary Woodman Worcestershire LEP Consultee Worcestershire LEP
Ms Jackie Godfrey Hunt West Mercia Police Consultee West Mercia Constabulary, Police Station, Castle Street, WORCESTER, WR13QX
Mrs Karen Hanchett County Highways Consultee Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Ms Karen Humphries Malvern Hills AONB Consultee Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)
Ms Laura Wood - County Ecology Consultee Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Mrs Marianne Pomeroy/Mrs Rebecca Schofield/Mr Ben Horovitz/Mr Phil Ward County Minerals Consultee Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Mr Mike Everitt Malvern Hills District Footpath Society Consultee Malvern Hills District Footpath Society
Mr Mike Everitt Ramblers Association Consultee
Ms Natalie LeBrun RSPB Consultee
Ms Rowena Hayward County Public Rights of Way Consultee Worcestershire County Council, Worcester Countryside Centre, Wildwood Drive, WORCESTER, WR52LG
Ms Sarah Lowe - Senior Conservation Officer Consultee Malvern Hills and Wychavon District Councils
Mr Steve Bloomfield Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Consultee Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, Lower Smite Farm, Smite Hill, Hindlip, WORCESTER, WR38SZ
Sir/Madam Exolum Pipeline System Consultee
Sir/Madam Gloucestershire Lead Local Flood Authority Consultee
Sir/Madam Gloucester Airport (Neighbouring Consultee) Consultee
Sir/Madam Planning - Development Management (Neighbouring County Council) Consultee Gloucestershire County Council, Shire Hall, Gloucester, GL1 2TH
Councillor Tom Wells (Neighbouring County Councillor) Councillor Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Councillor Martin Allen Councillor Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Mrs Michelle Hinde Parish Clerk Ripple Parish Council
Ms Karan Swindells Longdon, Queenshills & Holdfast Parish Council (Neighbouring Parish Council) Consultee
Mr David Kent Bushley Parish Council (Neighbouring Parish Council) Parish Clerk Bushley Parish Council
Ms Jo Adams Upton-Upon-Severn Town Council (Neighbouring Town Council) Parish Clerk Upton-Upon-Severn Town Council
Sir/Madam Twyning Parish Council (Neighbouring Parish Council) Parish Clerk Twyning Parish Council
Sir/Madam Tewkesbury Town Council (Neighbouring Parish Council) Parish Clerk Tewkesbury Town Council
SWLDP Bob Hughes SWLDP The Council House, WR143AF


There are no amendments for this application
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