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County Matter

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Stourport-on-Severn Town (Wyre Forest) Stourport-on-Severn ( Wyre Forest District )

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Stourport-On-Severn (Wyre Forest) Stourport-On-Severn ( Wyre Forest )

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Former Motocross site, Adjacent to Wilden Lane, Wilden, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire, DY13 9JT


Winning and working of sand and restoration to agriculture (pasture for horses)

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Winning and working of sand and restoration to agriculture (pasture for horses)


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This application has already been decided. You cannot comment on it

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A C Buck and Son Ltd 

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Mr John Spurling 

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Pleydell Smithyman Ltd 

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R Hunt 


Wharfage, Ironbridge, Telford, Shropshire, TF8 7NH 

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There are no prescription details for this application

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01 Appendix 1 - Application form and cert 01_Appendix_1_-_Application_form_and_cert.pdf
02 Appendix 2 -Typical Batter Cross Section 02_Appendix_2_-Typical_Batter_Cross_Section.pdf
03 201123 Planning Statement (Nov 2020) 03_201123_Planning_Statement_(Nov_2020).pdf
04 4419JW - Noise Impact Assesment - Rev B 04_4419JW_-_Noise_Impact_Assessment_-_Rev_B.pdf
05a Transport Assessment FINAL P1 05a_Transport_Assessment_FINAL_P1.pdf
05b Transport Assessment Appendix D 05b_Transport_Assessment_Appendix_D.pdf
05c Transport Assessment_FINAL P3 05c_Transport_Assessment_FINAL_P3.pdf
06a Flood Risk Assessment Final - Rev B - Report only 06a_Flood_Risk_Assessment_Final_-_Rev_B_-_Report_only.pdf
06b Flood Risk Assessment Final - Appendices 1 & 2 06b_Flood_Risk_Assessment_Final_-_Appendices_1_&_2.pdf
07 Tree Survey Report (March 2020)_Redacted 07_Tree_Survey_Report_(March_2020)_Redacted.pdf
08 Reptile survey 2019 2020 08_Reptile_survey_2019_2020.pdf
09 Preliminary Ecological Appraisal_Redacted 09_Preliminary_Ecological_Appraisal_Redacted.pdf
10 Application Boundary M19.120.D.002A 10_Application_Boundary_M19.120.D.002A.pdf
11 Designations M19.120.D.002A 11_Designations_M19.120.D.002A.pdf
12 Location Plan M19.120.D.001A 12_Location_Plan_M19.120.D.001A.pdf
13 Public Notice - Dated 10 December 2020 13_Public_Notice_-_Dated_10_December_2020.pdf
14 2020.05.14 Updated Guidance Notes v2 14_2020.05.14_Updated_Guidance_Notes_v2.pdf
15 M19.120.D.004A Current Situation-A3 15_M19.120.D.004A_Current_Situation-A3.pdf
16 M19.120.D.005A Concept Design-A3 16_M19.120.D.005A_Concept_Design-A3.pdf
17 2020.12.09 Canal and River Trust - No requirement to consult 17_2020.12.09_-_Canal_and_River_Trust_-_No_requirement_to_consult.pdf
18 2020.12.09 Worcestershire Regulatory Services (noise, dust) - Comments - condition 18_2020.12.09_Worcestershire_Regulatory_Services_(noise,_dust)_-_Comments_-_condition.pdf
19 2020.12.10 West Mercia Police - No objection 19_2020.12.10_West_Mercia_Police_-_No_objection.pdf
20 2020.12.11 County Footpaths - Comments 20_2020.12.11_County_Footpaths_-_Comments.pdf
21 2020.12.10 Cadent Gas - Comments 21_2020.12.10_Cadent_Gas_-_Comments.pdf
22 2020.12.24 Hartlebury Parish Council - No Objection 22_2020.12.24_Hartlebury_Parish_Council_-_No_Objection.pdf
23 2021.01.06 Wychavon District Council - No comment 23_2021.01.06_Wychavon_District_Council_-_No_comment.pdf
24 2020.12.31 Worcestershire Regulatory Services (WRS) (Contaminated land and air quality) - Comments - conditions 24_2020.12.31_Worcestershire_Regulatory-Services (WRS)_(Contaminated_land_and_air_quality)_-_Comments - conditions.pdf
25 2021.01.06 Stourport Town Council - Comments 25_2021.01.06_Stourport_Town_Council - Comments.pdf
26 2021.01.07 North Worcestershire Water Management re Comments - conditions 26_2021.01.07_North_Worcestershire_Water_Management_re_Comments - conditions.pdf
27 2021.01.07 Worcestershire Wildlife Trust (WWT) - Comments - Conditions 27_2021.01.07_Worcestershire Wildlife Trust (WWT)_-_Comments - conditions.pdf
28 2021.01.11 Severn Trent Water Limited - No Objection 28_2021.01.11_Severn_Trent_Water_Limited - No Objection.pdf
29 2021.01.12 Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) - Comments 29_2021.01.12_Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA)_-_Comments.pdf
30 2021.01.13 County Archaeology - Comments 30_2021.01.13_County_Archaeology_-_Comments.pdf
31 2021.01.14 County Ecologist - Objection - conditions 31_2021.01.14_County_Ecologist_-_Objection_-_conditions.pdf
32 2021.01.14 County Highways - Comments 32_2021.01.14_County_Highways_-_Comments.pdf
33 2021.01.14 County Landscape Officer - Comments - condition 33_2021.01.15_County_Landscape_Officer_-_Comments_-_condition.pdf
34 2021.01.15 Councillor Paul Harrison - Comments 34_2021.01.15_Councillor_Paul_Harrison_-_Comments.pdf
35 2020.01.16 Neighbouring Cllr Peter Tomlinson - No Comment or Objection 35_2020.01.16_Neighbouring_Cllr_Peter_Tomlinson_-_No_Comment_or_Objection.pdf
36 2021.01.15 Ramblers Association - Comments 36_2021.01.15_Ramblers_Association_-_Comments.pdf
37 2021.01.19 Wyre Forest District Council - Comments 37_2021.01.19_Wyre_Forest_District_Council_-_Comments.pdf
38 2021.01.20 Cadent Gas - Comments 38_2021.01.20_Cadent_Gas_-_Comments.pdf
39 2021.01.22 Cllr Chris Rogers - (Now Withdrawn) No_Objection 39_2021.01.22_Cllr_Chris_Rogers_-_(Now Withdrawn) No_Objection.pdf
40 2021.01.25 Earth Heritage Trust - Comments 40_2021.01.25_Earth_Heritage_Trust_-_Comments.pdf
41 2021.01.28 Environment Agency - Objection 41_2021.01.28_Environment_Agency_-_Objection.pdf
42 ATC Locations 42_ATC_Locations.pdf
43 Existing Site Access Sheet 1 - 4 43_Existing_Site_Access_Sheet_1_-_4.pdf
44 Visibility Calcs 44_Visibility_Calcs.pdf
45 Wilden Reclamation project PEA with additional info Jan 2021_Redacted 45_Wilden_Reclamation_project_PEA_with_additional_info_Jan_2021_Redacted.pdf
46 Wilden Reclamation Mitigation and Enhancment Strategy_Redacted 46_Wilden_Reclamation_Mitigation_and_Enhancment_Strategy_Redacted.pdf
47 2021.02.01 County Ecology - Revised Comments Condition 47_2021.02.01_County_Ecology_-_Revised_Comments_Condition.pdf
48 2020.12.04 Health and Safety Executive Online Comments 48_2020.12.04_Health_and_Safety_Executive_Online_Comments.pdf
49 2021.02.04 County Highways - Revised Comments - Conditions 49_2021.02.04_County_Highways_-_Revised_Comments_-_Conditions.pdf
50 2021.02.05 Health and Safety Executive - Comments 50_2021.02.05_Health_and_Safety_Executive_-_Comments.pdf
51 2021.02.18 County Highways revised comments - Objection 51_2021.02.18_County_Highways_revised_comments_-_Objection.pdf
52 2021.02.14 Natural England 52_2021.02.14_Natural_England.pdf
53 Preliminary Hydrogeological Risk Assessment 53_Preliminary_Hydrogeological_Risk_Assessment.pdf
54 2021.05.07 Environment Agency revised comments 54_2021.05.07_Environment_Agency_revised_comments.pdf
55 2021.06.03 Cllr Chris Rogers - (Amended comments) No_Objection 55_2021.06.03_Cllr_Chris_Rogers_-_(Amended_comments)_No_Objection.pdf
56 2021.07.01 County Highways - Recommends Refusal 56_2021.07.01_County_Highways_-_Recommends_Refusal.pdf
57 Committee Presentation for Wilden Lane 57_Committee_Presentation_for_Wilden_Lane.pdf
58 Committee Report Agenda Item 8 - Dated 28 September 2021 58_Committee_Report_Agenda_Item_8_-_Dated_28_September_2021.pdf
59 Decision Notice - 29 September 2021 59_Decision_Notice_-_29_September_2021.pdf

Appeal Details

There are no appeal details for this application


Name Type Address Last Letter Date Target Response Date
Ms Wendy Harper British Horse Society Consultee
Sir/Madam Cadent Gas Consultee
Ms Jane Hennell Canal and River Trust Consultee
Councillor Peter Tomlinson Neighbouring County Councillor - Worcestershire County Council Councillor Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Councillor Paul Harrison Worcestershire County Council Councillor Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Councillor Nathan Desmond Neighbouring County Councillor - Worcestershire County Council Councillor Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Councillor Chris Rogers Worcestershire County Council Councillor Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Mr Adam Mindykowski County Landscape Officer Consultee
Sir/Madam Campaign to Protect Rural England Consultee
Mr Cody Levine County Ecology Consultee Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Mrs Marianne Pomeroy / Mrs Rebecca Scofield /Mr Ben Horovitz and Mr Phil Ward County Minerals and Waste Policy Consultee Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Mr David Bagnall Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Consultee
Sir/Madam Earth Heritage Trust Consultee
Sir/Madam Environment Agency Consultee
Sir/Madam Hereford & Worcs Fire & Rescue Service Consultee
Ms Karen Hanchett County Highways Consultee Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Sir/Madam Natural England Consultee
Sir/Madam Open Space Society Consultee
Mr Peter Aston West Mercia Police Consultee
Ms Rowena Hayward County Public Rights of Way Consultee
Sir/Madam Severn Trent Water Limited Consultee
Mr Steve Bloomfield Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Consultee
Sir/Madam Western Power Distribution Consultee
Sir/Madam Worcestershire Regulatory Services Consultee
Sir/Madam Neighbouring Wychavon District Council - Planning Consultee
Sir/Madam Wyre Forest District Council - Planning Consultee
Ms Emma Hancox County Archaeology Consultee
Mr Clive Bostle Ramblers Association
Mr Tony Beirne Kidderminster Town Council (Neighbouring) Parish Clerk
Miss Sue Saunders Stourport Town Council Parish Clerk
Mr Gulliver Hartlebury Parish Council (Neighbouring) Parish Clerk
Owner/Occupier Stourport Town Council Stourport Town Council Stourport Town Council, Civic Centre, New Street, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire, DY138UN


There are no amendments for this application
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