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County Matter

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Ripple (Malvern Hills)

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Croome (Malvern Hills)

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Land at Ryalls Court, Off Ryall's Court Lane, Holly Green Upton-upon-severn, WORCESTER, WR80PF


Proposed extraction of aggregates with restoration to Agriculture and lake suita

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Proposed extraction of aggregates with restoration to Agriculture and lake suitable for watersports


Under Consideration

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This application is being determined

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CEMEX UK Materials Limited 

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CEMEX House, Evreux Way, Rugby, CV21 2DT 

Case Officer:

Mr John Spurling 

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CEMEX UK Operations Limited 

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Wolverhampton Road, Oldbury, Warley, West Midlands, B69 4RJ 

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A decision has not yet been made on this application

Associated Media

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01 Cover Letter 01_Cover_Letter.pdf
02 Minerals Application Form 02_Minerals_Application_Form.pdf
03 Non Technical Summary 03_Non_Technical_Summary.pdf
04 Supporting & Environmental Statements 04_Supporting_&_Environmental_Statements.pdf
05 Vol 1 - Appendix A - Soil Handling Methodology 05_Vol_1_-_Appendix_A_-_Soil_Handling_Methodology.pdf
06 Vol 1 - Appendix B - Restoration Statement 06_Vol_1_-_Appendix_B_-_Restoration_Statement.pdf
07 Vol 1 - Appendix C - Sustainablility Statement 07_Vol_1_-_Appendix_C_-_Sustainablility_Statement.pdf
08 Vol 1 - Appendix D - Letter of support from Upton Rowing Club April 2019 08_Vol_1_-_Appendix_D_-_Letter_of_support_from_Upton_Rowing_Club_April_2019.pdf
09 Vol 1 - Appendix D - Letters of Support - Upton Town Partnership December 2018 09_Vol_1_-_Appendix_D_-_Letters_of_Support_-_Upton_Town_Partnership_December_2018.pdf
10 Vol 1 - Appendix D - Upton Business Association_Letter of Support Fish Meadow 10_Vol_1_-_Appendix_D_-_Upton_Business_Association_Letter_of_Support_Fish_Meadow.pdf
11 Vol 1 - Appendix D - West Regional Rowing Council 11_Vol_1_-_Appendix_D_-_West_Regional_Rowing_Council.pdf
12 Vol 1 - Appendix E - Dust Action Plan 12_Vol_1_-_Appendix_E_-_Dust_Action_Plan.pdf
13 Vol 1 - Appendix F - Noise Management Plan 13_Vol_1_-_Appendix_F_-_Noise_Management_Plan.pdf
14 Vol 1 - Appendix G - Risk Assessment and Method Statement - Barging 14_Vol_1_-_Appendix_G_-_Risk_Assessment_and_Method_Statement_-_Barging.pdf
15 Vol 1 - Appendix H - Geotechnical Assessment_Redacted 15_Vol_1_-_Appendix_H_-_Geotechnical_Assessment_Redacted.pdf
16 Vol 1 - Appendix I - Archaeological WSI 16_Vol_1_-_Appendix_I_-_Archaeological_WSI.pdf
17 Vol 1 - Appendix J - Pollution Protection Plan 17_Vol_1_-_Appendix_J_-_Pollution_Protection_Plan.pdf
18 Vol 1 - Phase 1 Plan 1803-S101-RYN-D-301 18_Vol_1_-_Phase_1_Plan_1803-S101-RYN-D-301.pdf
19 Vol 1 - Phase 2 Plan 1803-S101-RYN-D-302 19_Vol_1_-_Phase_2_Plan_1803-S101-RYN-D-302.pdf
20 Vol 1 - Phase 3 Plan 1803-S101-RYN-D-303 20_Vol_1_-_Phase_3_Plan_1803-S101-RYN-D-303.pdf
21 Vol 1 - Phase 4 Plan 1803-S101-RYN-D-304 21_Vol_1_-_Phase_4_Plan_1803-S101-RYN-D-304.pdf
22 Vol 1 - Phase 5 Plan 1807-S253-RYN-D-305 22_Vol_1_-_Phase_5_Plan_1807-S253-RYN-D-305.pdf
23 Vol 1 - Location Plan 1905_C028_RYLN_001 23_Vol_1_-_Location_Plan_1905_C028_RYLN_001.pdf
24 Vol 1 - Site Plan 1905_C028_RYLN_002 24_Vol_1_-_Site_Plan_1905_C028_RYLN_002.pdf
25 Vol 1 - Environmentally Sensitive Properties Plan 1905_C028_RYLN_003 25_Vol_1_-_Environmentally_Sensitive_Properties_Plan_1905_C028_RYLN_003.pdf
26 Vol 1 - Ecological Assets Plan 1905_C028_RYLN_004 26_Vol_1_-_Ecological_Assets_Plan_1905_C028_RYLN_004.pdf
27 Vol 1 - Public Rights of Way Plan 1905_C028_RYLN_005 27_Vol_1_-_Public_Rights_of_Way_Plan_1905_C028_RYLN_005.pdf
28 Vol 1 - Heritage Assets Plan 1905_C028_RYLN_006 28_Vol_1_-_Heritage_Assets_Plan_1905_C028_RYLN_006.pdf
29 Vol 1 - Revised Visual Character Plan 1905_C028_RYLN_007 29_Vol_1_-_Revised_Visual_Character_Plan_1905_C028_RYLN_007.pdf
30 Vol 1 - Agricultural Land Classification Plan 1905_C028_RYLN_008 30_Vol_1_-_Agricultural_Land_Classification_Plan_1905_C028_RYLN_008.pdf
31 Vol 1 - Proposed Outline Restoration Scheme - Proposed Application Area RN_RX_1B Rev H 31_Vol_1_-_Proposed_Outline_Restoration_Scheme_-_Proposed_Application_Area_RN_RX_1B_Rev_H.pdf
32 Vol 1 - Restoration Sections Plan RN_RX2 32_Vol_1_-_Restoration_Sections_Plan_RN_RX2.pdf
33 Vol 2 ES - Appendix A Health Impact Assessment Screening 33_Vol_2_ES_-_Appendix_A_Health_Impact_Assessment_Screening.pdf
34 Vol 2 ES - Appendix B Noise Assessment 34_Vol_2_ES_-_Appendix_B_Noise_Assessment.pdf
35 Vol 2 ES - Appendix C Ecological Impact Assessment 35_Vol_2_ES_-_Appendix_C_Ecological_Impact_Assessment.pdf
36 Vol 2 ES - Appendix D Agricultural Land Classification and Soil Assessment 36_Vol_2_ES__-_Appendix_D_Agricultural_Land_Classification_and_Soil_Assessment.pdf
37 Vol 2 ES - Appendix E.1 Geological Summary 37_Vol_2_ES_-_Appendix_E.1_Geological_Summary.pdf
38 Vol 2 ES - Appendix E.2 Slope Stability Assessment 38_Vol_2_ES_-_Appendix_E.2_Slope_Stability_Assessment.pdf
39 Vol 2 ES - Appendix F Hydrogeological Impact Assessment 39_Vol_2_ES_-_Appendix_F_Hydrogeological_Impact_Assessment.pdf
40 Vol 2 ES - Appendix G - Flood Risk Assessment_Redacted 40_Vol_2_ES_-_Appendix_G_-_Flood_Risk_Assessment_Redacted.pdf
41 Vol 2 ES - Appendix I - Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment_FINAL_DRAFT 200310_406.0968.00048_ 41_Vol_2_ES_-_Appendix_I_-_Landscape_and_Visual_Impact_Assessment_FINAL_DRAFT_200310_406.0968.00048_.pdf
42 Vol 2 ES - Appendix I - Landscape Character Plan 190101_00968.00048.29.RN_L1 42_Vol_2_ES_-_Appendix_I_-_Landscape_Character_Plan_190101_00968.00048.29.RN_L1.pdf
43 Vol 2 - Appendix I - Visual Character Plan 190101_00968.00048.29.RN_L2 43_Vol_2_-_Appendix_I_-_Visual_Character_Plan_190101_00968.00048.29.RN_L2.pdf
44 Vol 2 - Appendix I - Viewpoint Photograph Sheets 190101 00968.00048_29.RN_L3 44_Vol_2_-_Appendix_I_-_Viewpoint_Photograph_Sheets_190101_00968.00048_29.RN_L3.pdf
45 Vol 2 - Appendix I - Proposed Outline Restoration Scheme - Proposed Application Area RN_RX_1B Rev H 45_Vol_2_-_Appendix_I_-_Proposed_Outline_Restoration_Scheme_-_Proposed_Application_Area_RN_RX_1B_Rev_H.pdf
46 Vol 2 - Appendix I - Restoration Sections RN_RX2 46_Vol_2_-_Appendix_I_-_Restoration_Sections_RN_RX2.pdf
47 Public Notice - Dated 19 June 2020 47_Public_Notice_-_Dated_19_June_2020.pdf
48 2020.05.14 Updated Guidance Notes v2 48_2020.05.14_Updated_Guidance_Notes_v2.pdf

Appeal Details

There are no appeal details for this application


Name Type Address Last Letter Date Target Response Date
Sir/Madam Canal and River Trust Consultee
Sir/Madam Campaign to Protect Rural England Consultee
Ms Harper British Horse Society Consultee
Sir/Madam Ancient Monuments Society Consultee
Sir/Madam Commercial Boat Operators Association Consultee
Ms Rowena Hayward Public Rights of Way - Countryside and Access Consultee
Councillor Tom Wells Worcestershire County Council - Neighbouring Councillor Councillor
Councillor Paul Middlebrough Worcestershire County Council Councillor
Ms Emma Hancox County Archaeology Consultee
Mr Aidan Smyth District Archaeology - Malvern Hills District Council Consultee
Mrs Karen Hanchett Worcestershire County Council Consultee
Marianne Pomeroy/Phil Ward County Minerals and Waste Policy Consultee Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Mr Cody Levine County Ecology Consultee Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Mr Adam Mindykowski County Landscape Officer Consultee
Sir/Madam The Gardens Trust Consultee
Sir/Madam Historic England Consultee
Sir/Madam Hereford & Worcs Fire & Rescue Service Consultee
Sir/Madam Forestry Commission Consultee
Sir/Madam Environment Agency Consultee
Sir/Madam Earth Heritage Trust Consultee
Ms Deborah Tillsley/Mr Matthew Fung County Public Health Consultee
Sir/Madam Government Pipelines Consultee
Mr John Comins Hereford and Worcestershire Gardens Trust
Mr David Bagnall Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Consultee
Mr John Taplin Inland Waterways Association Consultee
Mr Bob Hughes South Worcestershire Land Drainage Partnership Consultee
Ms Danielle Degville The Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) Consultee
Ms Karen Humphries Malvern Hills AONB Consultee
Ms Sarah and Ms Sarah Lowe Malvern Hills Conservation Officer - Malvern Hills District Council Consultee
Mr Williams Malvern Hills DC - Planning Services Consultee Malvern Hills District Council, Malvern Hills District Council, The Council House, Avenue Road, MALVERN, WR143AF
Mr Mike Everitt Malvern Hills District Footpath Society Consultee
Sir/Madam Worcestershire Regulatory Services Consultee
Sir/Madam Western Power Distribution Consultee
Mr Steve Bloomfield Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Consultee
Sir/Madam Sport England Consultee
Sir/Madam Severn Trent Water Limited Consultee
Sir/Madam Open Space Society Consultee
Sir/Madam Natural England Consultee
Ms Jackie Godfrey-Hunt West Mercia Police Consultee
Mr Mike Shumer RSPB Consultee
Mr Mike Everitt The Ramblers Association
Sir/Madam Planning Casework Unit
Ms Adams Upton-upon-Severn Town Council Parish Clerk
Mrs Victoria Portsch Ripple Parish Council Parish Clerk
Mrs Ann Smith Earl's Croome Parish Council (Neighbouring Parish Council) Parish Clerk
Mrs Lisa Stevens Severn Stoke and Croome D'Abitot Parish Council (Neighbouring Parish Council) Parish Clerk
Ms Rebecca Abunassar Hanley Castle Parish Council (Neighbouring Parish Council) Parish Clerk
Mr Gary Woodman Worcestershire Local Enterprise (LEP) Consultee
Sir/Madam Ryall Liaison Group
Sir/Madam Upton Rowing Club
Ms J West Mercia Police Godfrey-Hunt West Mercia Constabulary, Police Station, Castle Street, WORCESTER, WR13QX
Bob Hughes SWLDP The Council House, WR143AF


There are no amendments for this application
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