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County Matter

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Hanley Castle (Malvern Hills) Guarlford (Malvern Hills)

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Powick (Malvern Hills)

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Waste Incineration Unit, Hangmans Lane, Hanley Castle, WR8 0AJ


The alteration of the existing incinerator plant in the Hangman's Lane Waste Fac

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The alteration of the existing incinerator plant in the Hangman's Lane Waste Facility building (on land certified by Certificate reference APP/E1855/X/16/314748 dated 11th October 2016, and as extended pursuant to Certificate reference 18/000064/CLP dated 12th February 2019) by the removal of one of two flues, and the installation of a replacement flue (of about 11m above the roof of building and about 3m within it)


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This application has already been decided. You cannot comment on it

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Clinitek (Malvern) LLP 

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Clinitek (Malvern) LLP, c/o Waste Energy Power Partners, 41 Dover Street, London, WS14NS 

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Mr John Spurling 

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Castellum Consulting 

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Simon Greaves 


Castellum Consulting, Wooddean, 114 Forest Road, Whitehill, Bordon, GU354NS 

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01 Application Form 01_ApplicationFormRedacted.pdf
02 Superseded Document 1 Environmental Statement 02_Document_1_Environmental_Statement.pdf
03 Document 2 ES Appendices-compressed 03_Document_2_ES_Appendices-compressed.pdf
04 Document 3 ES Non Technical Summary 04_Document_3_ES_Non_Technical_Summary.pdf
05 Supereded Document 4 Planning Statement 05_Document_4_Planning_Statement.pdf
06 Document 4 Appendices 06_Document_4_Appendices.pdf
07 PS Appendix 5 HIA 07_PS_Appendix_5_HIA.pdf
08 W2-05-19-01 Site Location Plan 08_W2-05-19-01_Site_Location_Plan.pdf
09 W2-05-19-02 Site Plan 09_W2-05-19-02_Site_Plan.pdf
10 W2-05-19-03 Existing Site Layout Plan 10_W2-05-19-03_Existing_Site_Layout_Plan.pdf
11 W2-05-19-04 Proposed Site Layout Plan 11_W2-05-19-04_Proposed_Site_Layout_Plan.pdf
12 Superseded W2-05-19-05 Existing Elevations Plan 12_W2-05-19-05_Existing_Elevations_Plan.pdf
13 Superseded W2-05-19-06 Proposed Elevations Plan 13_W2-05-19-06_Proposed_Elevations_Plan.pdf
14 Public Notice - Dated 28 February 2020 14_Public_Notice_-_Dated_28_February_2020.pdf
15 Revised Environmental Statement Final v2 15_Revised_Environmental_Statement_Final_v2.pdf
16 Revised Planning Statement Final rev 2 16_Revised_Planning_Statement_Final_rev_2.pdf
17 Revised W2-05-19-05v1 Existing Elevations -compressed 17_Revised_W2-05-19-05v1_Existing_Elevations_-compressed.pdf
18 Illustrative Malvern Flue Images 03-04-2020 18_Illustrative_Malvern_Flue_Images_03-04-2020.pdf
19 Revised W2-05-19-06v1 Proposed Elevations -compressed 19_Revised_W2-05-19-06v1_Proposed_Elevations_-compressed.pdf
20 2020.03.03 South Worcs Land Drainage - Comments 20_2020.03.03_South_Worcs_Land_Drainage_-_Comments.pdf
21 2020.03.05 Ramblers Association & Malvern Hills District Footpath Society (No Obj) 21_2020.03.05_Ramblers_Association_&_Malvern_Hills_District_Footpath_Society_(No_Obj).pdf
22 2020.03.12 West Mercia Police 22_2020.03.12_West_Mercia_Police.pdf
23 County Ecologist - Comments 23_County_Ecologist_-_Comments.pdf
24 County Ecologist - Revised Comments - 5 May 2020 24_County_Ecologist_-_Revised_Comments_-_5_May_2020.pdf
25 County Footpath - Countryside Access - Comments 25_County_Footpath_-_Countryside_Access_-_Comments.pdf
26 County Highways - No Obj 26_County_Highways_-_No_Obj.pdf
27 County Landscape - No Obj 27_County_Landscape_-_No_Obj.pdf
28 Environment Agency - Comments - 20 April 2020 28_Environment_Agency_-_Comments_-_20_April_2020.pdf
29 Environment Agency - Comments 29_Environment_Agency_-_Comments.pdf
30 Herefordshire & Worcestershire Gardens Trust - No comment 30_Herefordshire_&_Worcestershire_Gardens_Trust_-_No_comment.pdf
31 Historic England - No comment 31_Historic_England_-_No_comment.pdf
32 LLFA - No Comments 32_LLFA_-_No_Comments.pdf
33 Malvern Hills AONB Partnership - No Obj 33_Malvern_Hills_AONB_Partnership_-_No_Obj.pdf
34 MHDC - No Obj 34_MHDC_-_No_Obj.pdf
35 Natural England - No Obj 35_Natural_England_-_No_Obj.pdf
36 Severn Trent Water - No Obj 36_Severn_Trent_Water_-_No_Obj.pdf
37 The Open Spaces Society - No comment 37_The_Open_Spaces_Society_-_No_comment.pdf
38 WRS - Noise and Nuisance - No Obj 38_WRS_-_Noise_and_Nuisance_-_No_Obj.pdf
39 WRS Contaminated Land - No concerns 39_WRS_Contaminated_Land_-_No_concerns.pdf
40 WRS Air Quality - No Obj 40_WRS_Air_Quality_-_No_Obj.pdf
41 WWT - No Obj 41_WWT_-_No_Obj.pdf
42 Decision Notice - Dated 7 May 2020 42_Decision_Notice_-_Dated_7_May_2020.pdf
43 Final Report. 20.000004CM 43_Final_Report._20.000004CM.pdf
44 Public Notice - Dated 15 May 2020 44_Public_Notice_-_Dated_15_May_2020.pdf

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There are no appeal details for this application


Name Type Address Last Letter Date Target Response Date
Owner/Occupier Hughes Parish Clerk Hanley Castle Parish Council,Applegarth,Bransford Road,Rushwick,Worcester,WR2 5TA
Mr Williams Malvern Hills DC - Planning Services Consultee Malvern Hills District Council, Malvern Hills District Council, The Council House, Avenue Road, MALVERN, WR143AF
Councillor Tom Wells Councillor 27 Upton Road,Callow End,Worcester,WR2 4TY
Bob Hughes SWLDP The Council House, WR143AF
W M Everitt Ramblers Association & Malvern Hills District Footpath Society 4, Rectory Lane, Madresfield, MALVERN, WR135AB
Mr Mike West Mercia Police Stephenson West Mercia Constabulary, Police Station, Castle Street, WORCESTER, WR13QX


There are no amendments for this application
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