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Discharge Of Conditions

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Kempsey (Malvern Hills) St. Peter the Great County ( Worcester City District )

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Croome (Malvern Hills) St Peter (Worcester City)

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Worcester Southern Link Road, A4440 Temeside Way, Worcester


CONDITIONS 6, 10, 11, 20 and 26 - Worcester Southern Link Road Phase 4 including

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CONDITIONS 6, 10, 11, 20 and 26 - Worcester Southern Link Road Phase 4 including dualling of A4440 between Ketch & Powick Roundabouts with foot & cycleway improvements, new bridges alongside existing Powick Common Viaduct and Carrington Bridge and pedestrian / cycle bridge at Hams Way


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This application is being determined

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Worcestershire County Council 

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Worcester Southern Link Road, A4440 Temeside Way, Worcester 

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Mr Steven Aldridge 

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A decision has not yet been made on this application

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01 CEMP - Schedule of Comments and Responses 01_CEMP_-_Schedule_of_Comments_and_Responses.pdf
02 CEMP 02_CEMP.pdf
03 Appendix A - Register of Envir Actions & Commitments 03_Appendix_A_-_Register_of_Envir_Actions_&_Commitments.pdf
04a Appendix B - Materials and Waste Management Plan 04a_Appendix_B_-_Materials_and_Waste_Management_Plan.pdf
04b Appendix B - Materials and Waste Management Plan 04b_Appendix_B_-_Materials_and_Waste_Management_Plan.pdf
05a Appendix C Pollution Control and Contingency Plan 05a_Appendix_C_Pollution_Control_and_Contingency_Plan.pdf
05b Appendix C - Spill Response Plan 05b_Appendix_C_-_Spill_Response_Plan.pdf
05c Appendix C - Emissions and Dust Management Plan 05c_Appendix_C_-_Emissions_and_Dust_Management_Plan.pdf
05d Appendix C - Silt Management Plan 05d_Appendix_C_-_Silt_Management_Plan.pdf
05e Appendix C - Noise and Vibration Management Plan 05e_Appendix_C_-_Noise_and_Vibration_Management_Plan.pdf
06 Appendix D2 - Bat Method Statement 06_Appendix_D2_-_Bat_Method_Statement.pdf
07 Appendix D4 - Reptile Mitigation Strategy 07_Appendix_D4_-_Reptile_Mitigation_Strategy.pdf
08 Appendix H - Request for Environmental Check - Permit to Proceed 08_Appendix_H_-_Request_for_Environmental_Check_-_Permit_to_Proceed.pdf
09 Appendix I - Archaeological Written Scheme 09_Appendix_I_-_Archaeological_Written_Scheme.pdf
10 Appendix K2 - Invasive Non-Native Species Method Statement 10_Appendix_K2_-_Invasive_Non-Native_Species_Method_Statement.pdf
11 Appendix P - Ecological Constraints and Opportunities 11_Appendix_P_-_Ecological_Constraints_and_Opportunities.pdf
12 Appendix R - Transport Management Plan 12_Appendix_R_-_Transport_Management_Plan.pdf
13 Appendix S - Emergency Incident Response Plan 13_Appendix_S_-_Emergency_Incident_Response_Plan.pdf
14 Appendix T - Programme 14_Appendix_T_-_Programme.pdf

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There are no appeal details for this application


Name Type Address Last Letter Date Target Response Date
Sir/Madam Worcester City Council - Planning Consultee Development Services,Worcester City Council,Orchard House,Farrier Street,Worcester,WR1 3ER
Mr Williams Malvern Hills DC - Planning Services Consultee Malvern Hills District Council, Malvern Hills District Council, The Council House, Avenue Road, MALVERN, WR143AF
Dr John Cairns Councillor 168 Battenhall Road,Worcester,Worcestershire,WR5 2BT
Dr Marc L. Bayliss Councillor 4 Copsewood Avenue,Worcester,WR5 1SH
Ms S Baxter Clerk of Kempsey Parish Council Parish Clerk Kempsey Community Centre, Kempsey Community Centre, Main Road, Kempsey, WORCESTER, WR53LQ


There are no amendments for this application
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