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County Matter

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Leigh ( Malvern Hills District )

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Malvern Link ( Malvern Hills )

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Mailes Skips and Recycling Guinness Park Farm, A4103 Leigh Sinton, MALVERN, WR13 5EQ


Consolidation application for the construction and operation of a biomass boiler

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Consolidation application for the construction and operation of a biomass boiler, erection of replacement building to house the biomass boiler, installation of replacement washing plant and amendments to the layout and operation of the existing Waste Transfer Station (approved under 09/000057/CM) including increased waste throughput and amended operating hours (part retrospective)


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This application has already been decided. You cannot comment on it

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Go Greener Recycling 

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Go Greener Recycling, Guinness Park Farm, A4103, Leigh Sinton, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR135EQ 

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Mr Steven Aldridge 

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EJ Planning Ltd 

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EJ Planning Ltd, PO Box: 310, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR149NN 

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Associated Media

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01 Cover Letter- Dated 5th February 2018 01_Cover_Letter-_Dated_5th_February_2018.pdf
02 Cover Letter - Dated 14th May 2018 02_Cover_Letter_-_Dated_14th_May_2018.pdf
03 Amended Application Form v3 03_Amended_Application_Form_v3.pdf
04 Planning Supporting Statement v6 04_Planning_Supporting_Statement_v6.pdf
05 Flood Risk Assessment Final 05_Flood_Risk_Assessment_Final.pdf
06 Superseded ADL Noise Report 06_ADL_Noise_Report.pdf
07 AK 435 E Spec 07_AK_435_E_Spec.pdf
08 App A 1.3 WID Boiler Danstoker - Data sheet 08_App_A_1.3_WID_Boiler_Danstoker_-_Data_sheet.pdf
09 Amended Location Plan 09_Amended_Location_Plan.pdf
10 Superseded Amended Site Layout Plan 10_Amended_Site_Layout_Plan.pdf
11 Superseded Amended Compound Layout Plan 11_Amended_Compound_Layout_Plan.pdf
12 Superseded Plan and Sections for Proposed Pond 12_Plan_and_Sections_for_Proposed_Pond.pdf
13 Superseded Biomass Plant Building - Plan and Elevations 13_Biomass_Plant_Building_-_Plan_and_Elevations.pdf
14 North-West South-East Cross Section through Site 14_North-West_South-East_Cross_Section_through_Site.pdf
15 Visibility Splays for Main Site Access - Plotted from Site Survey 15_Visibility_Splays_for_Main_Site_Access_-_Plotted_from_Site_Survey.pdf
16 Block Plan - Boiler Plant 16_Block_Plan_-_Boiler_Plant.pdf
17 Public Notice - Dated 27th July 2018 17_Public_Notice_-_Dated_27th_July_2018.pdf
18 Amended ADL NOISE REPORT GGL1810 18_Amended_ADL_NOISE_REPORT_GGL1810.pdf
19 Plant Layout 19_Plant_Layout.pdf
20 Amended Site Layout Plan 20_Amended_Site_Layout_Plan.pdf
21 Amended Compound Layout Plan 21_Amended_Compound_Layout_Plan.pdf
22 Amended Plan and Sections for Proposed Pond 22_Amended_Plan_and_Sections_for_Proposed_Pond.pdf
23 Amended Biomass Plant Building - Plan and Elevations 23_Amended_Biomass_Plant_Building_-_Plan_and_Elevations.pdf
24 Committee Report Item 6 - 4th December 2018 24_Committee_Report_Item_6_-_4th_December_2018.pdf
25 Decision Notice - Dated 11th December 2018 25_Decision_Notice_-_Dated_11th_December_2018.pdf
26 Committe Minutes - Item 6 - Dated 4th December 2018 26_Committe_Minutes_-_Item_6_-_Dated_4th_December_2018.pdf

Appeal Details

There are no appeal details for this application


Name Type Address Last Letter Date Target Response Date
Mr Steve Bloomfield Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Consultee
Sir/Madam Worcestershire Regulatory Services Consultee
Sir/Madam Western Power Distribution Consultee
Mr Mike Stephenson West Mercia Police Consultee West Mercia Constabulary, Police Station, Castle Street, WORCESTER, WR13QX
Ms Emma Dabbs The Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) Consultee
Ms Rebecca Blockley The Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) Consultee
Mr Bob Hughes South Worcs Land Drainage Partnership Consultee
Sir/Madam Severn Trent Water Limited Consultee
Sir/Madam Planning - Malvern Hills District Council Consultee Malvern Hills District Council, Malvern Hills District Council, The Council House, Avenue Road, MALVERN, WR143AF
Sir/Madam Natural England Consultee
Sir/Madam Public Health England (PHE) Consultee
Mr Paul Esrich Malvern Hills AONB Consultee
Sir/Madam Historic England Consultee
Sir/Madam Hereford & Worcs Fire & Rescue Service Consultee
Sir/Madam Environment Agency Consultee
Mr Adam Mindykowski County Landscape Officer Consultee
Ms Karen Hanchett County Highways Consultee Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Ms Emily Barker County Ecologist Consultee Worcestershire County Council, County Hall, Spetchley Road, WORCESTER, WR52NP
Mr Aidan Smyth District Archaeology Consultee
Ms Emma Hancox County Archaeology Consultee
Sir/Madam Campaign to Protect Rural England Consultee
Sir/Madam Ancient Monuments Society Consultee
Ms Jacqui Barker Leigh and Bransford Parish Council Parish Clerk
Councillor Paul Tuthill Worcestershire County Council Councillor
Mr M Design out crime officer Stephenson Police Station, Castle Street, Worcester, WR13AD


There are no amendments for this application
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